Ivy House Lakes
Ivy House Lakes

                  The Specimen Lake 

18th Feb 2024 The carp are waking up 32.8 and 31.8 out this weekend! Here’s Ronnie Silk with his latest PB Double D at 32.8lb lovely mirror carp which has been grown in the lake.

Stocked with Carp to 30lbs.

Experienced Carp Anglers only.

Full carp friendly gear required.

Minimum carp gear required (see picture below) and must be at each anglers peg.


Exclusive Lake Bookings only


Monday 4pm to Thursday 4pm £300 - 4 Anglers max or £100 per 24 hours.


Friday 9am to Monday 9am £450.00 - 4 Anglers max or £150 per 24 hours.


Children over 14yrs old maybe included in the party.


No guests, children under 14yr old or pets allowed.

To book call 07725 732 624

Fishing Rules

  1. Fishing with rods and poles only – no hand lines no fly fishing
  2. Course pellet only – may be purchased from the tackle shop
  3. No floating or surface baits, no bread, no dog biscuits
  4. No meat of any kind including cat dog and luncheon meat
  5. No, nuts or tiger nuts
  6. 2 kilos of ground bait maximum
  7. No braid allowed
  8. 2 rods maximum
  9. No fishing from the banks use the designated platforms
  10. Unused bait must not be thrown into the lakes or left on the banks – remove all unused bait and litter
  11. No fishing more than halfway across the lake
  12. Do not feed the wildlife

General rules

  1. No alcohol fires or barbeques
  2. No swimming or wading
  3. Fishing from platforms only, do not fish on the banks.
  4. No, keep nets or sacks
  5. All fish are to be returned to the water immediately.
  6. All anglers must have a good-sized landing net
  7. No fixed leads or feeders – must be free running
  8. No reserving of pegs for other anglers
  9. No dogs or other pets allowed on site
  10. Barbless hooks only
  11. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  12. Litter to be placed in bins or taken home
  13. Please use the toilet facilities by the café – no fouling of the grounds
  14. Please respect other anglers including not walking by pegs and not feeding in close proximity to pegs.
  15. No groups of spectators allowed. viewing from the café deck and road bank benches only
  16. Head torches only, no bright lights and no excessive shouting

The video below demonstrates the minimum unhooking and netting gear for carp fishing on Specimen and Willow lakes.


Opening Hours

7.30am to 6pm Tuesday to Sunday.


Day Tickets are valid a maximum of 8 hours. All day tickets must leave peg by 4pm


Please note the gate will not operate until 7.30am.


Press top intercom button and wait for response from the shop.

Once gates opened please check in at the shop for tickets.


Tackle & Bait Shop Open Daily 7.30 - 9.00 am and on request at other times if the bailiff onsite.

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