Pleasure Fishing Rules

Pleasure Fishing Rules

  1. Fishing with rods and poles only – no hand lines no fly fishing
  2. Course pellet only – may be purchased from the tackle shop
  3. No floating or surface baits, no bread, no dog biscuits
  4. No meat of any kind including cat dog and luncheon meat
  5. No boilies, nuts or tiger nuts
  6. 2 kilos of ground bait maximum
  7. No braid allowed
  8. 2 rods maximum
  9. No fishing from the banks use the designated platforms
  10. Unused bait must not be thrown into the lakes or left on the banks – remove all unused bait and litter
  11. No fishing more than half way across the lake
  12. Do not feed the wildlife

General rules

  1. No alcohol fires or barbeques
  2. No swimming or wading
  3. Fishing from platforms only
  4. No keep nets or sacks
  5. All fish to be returned to the water immediately.
  6. All anglers must have a good sized landing net
  7. No fixed leads or feeders – must be free running
  8. No reserving of pegs for other anglers
  9. No dogs or other pets allowed on site
  10. Barbless hooks only
  11. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  12. Litter to be placed in bins or taken home
  13. Please use the toilet facilities by the café – no fouling of the grounds
  14. Please respect other anglers
  15. No groups of spectators allowed. viewing from the café deck and road bank benches only
  16. Day tickets must be shown on request
  17. Cars parked at drivers own risk, secure your valuables. Harvey Lloyd fisheries ltd take no responsibility for any injury to persons or property whilst visiting or fishing at the complex
  18. Any anglers or visitors found in breach of these rules will be asked to leave without refund.

                              Match Fishing Rules


Anglers are requested book in for all matches at Angling Centre or call 07725 732 624

Keep nets, to be laid out in car park on arrival. No stink bags allowed at the lakeside.

All anglers fishing at ivy house lakes are respectfully asked to respect the rules and not to indulge in any unsporting behaviour. Anyone in breach of the rules will be disqualified and asked to leave forfeiting peg fees and pools. If there are any problems let the bailiff know immediately. The organisers’ decision shall be final.

  1. Barbless hooks only
  2. No fixed bolt rigs, must be free running 
  3. Feeder fishing 4” minimum hook length. no braid   
  4. You may only fish halfway between you and the next angler. You may only fish halfway across the lake, if no angler on next platform you may fish in front of it, but not beyond
  5. No floating poles
  6. No feeding with a second rod or pole whilst fishing
  7. 10 minutes allowed landing fish after whistle
  8. Strictly no feeding prior to match
  9. Float fishing poles or rod and line minimum depth 12" below float

Bait rules and permitted baits

  1. Maggots, castors, pinkies, worms, corn, hemp and coarse pellets only
  2. Expander pellet, hook pellet of your own choice – max 1 pint only
  3. 2 kg of ground bait max
  4. 1 small tub of boilie max size 10mm
  5. Bread may only be used as hook bait
  6. No floating baits strictly no feeding bread which includes minced or liquidised
  7. Unused bait must not be not be left on the banks or platforms or thrown into the lake after the match

Keep nets

  1. Please use a minimum of 3 keep nets
  2. Keep nets must be pegged out on the bank to dry. Nets must not be in the water until 10minutes before the ‘all in’
  3. No silvers in with any carp
  4. Carp 5lb and under in separate net
  5. Use another net for carp over 5lb
  6. No more than 70lb of fish in any one net. if between 70lb and 80lb net will count as 70lb.
  7. Nets with 80lb or more will not count.
  8. Kingfisher weight limit 50lb silvers and carp

Opening Hours

Gates open from 7.30am to 7.00pm 7 days a week

Pleasure fishing open 7 days a week

Café Open 8.00am to 10.00am on Match Days

Tackle & Bait Shop Open Daily 8.00 to 17.00


Day Tickets Max 8 Hours

£10.00 2 RODS max pp



Day Max 8 Hours £8 max 2 Rods


Children Under 12 years old, must be accompanied by a paying adult.

£6.00 1 Rod Only.


Children under 16 must be accompanied by a paying Adult.


Guests allowed at the owners discretion.

24HR Carp Tickets £22.00 max 2 rods PER PERSON

Arrival 4pm for 24HR

No guests.


No evening only tickets

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