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Autumn Festival 6th - 10th October


Andy LLoyd Wins Autuman Festival


This is Ivy House Lakes second festival this year. The weather was good for the first 2 days turning wet and cold for the final 2 days. We had heavy rain mid-week which I knew would change how the fish were likely to feed.



Day 1, peg 32, 1st in section and lake win. 140lb12oz - loose feeding ground bait with corn over top to right hand pallet, loose feeding dead maggot (flavoured with Krill liquid) bunch maggots over the top to the left hand margin.


Started fishing out in front catching stockies, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a large swirl over the ground bait I feed to the right(4 Balls), I caught a 9lb carp straight away! Re-fed with the ground-bait mix. looked to left and caught another 10lb carp on the maggot line basically I continued this method all day and caught steadily.



Day 2. peg 35, 1st in section and lake win 246lb - method same as Monday, nearly broke the lake record (248lb120z set in April) I was very pleased this peg was drawn as I really fancied it as I knew there were a lot of fish in the area and the weather was similar to Monday. I started by feeding a half a pot of hemp with 3 bits of corn to my left - feed 6 balls of my ground bait mix to the right hand platform went straight in over the hemp line with corn and caught a nice big carp strait away then alternated between the two lines all day, after 2 hours I potted in dead maggot to the left as the hemp seemed to slow and this triggered the carp to feed again and continued to catch right up to the whistle - I had 6 nets in and still managed to be 2oz over in one of them!! (70lb  limit in nets)


Day 3. peg 42. Not a good draw this peg has been last in the sections so far. My approach needed to be different especially as the weather had changed dramatically. I potted in 2 balls of my ground bait mix at 13m line in front, feed the mix down the left and dead maggot down the right, had a few skimmers but not going anywhere. continued fishing down the edge for rest of day hoping to get some big fish in the last hour - caught threee but lost two which cost me 3rd in section so I was 5th in section 17lb12oz.



After day 3 there were 3 of us tied on points in first place. Day four dawns the weather overcast, wet and windy.



Day 4. The Draw (omg) peg 41 comes out the bag! oh dear the very next peg to my disastrous day before and just to top it all the 2 other guys tied with me were either side!! This was going to be quite a day.


 I Started the match feeding 2 lines at 11m at 45 degrees out in front either side with 2 balls of ground bait at each with some dead maggot in, feed dead maggot to the right hand platform and ground bait mix to the left.  The first 3 hours I was holding my own with 2 carp and 10lb of silvers approx 24lb - looked up to the end peg and Chris Telling had just started catching carp down the edge - looked down my edges and not a sign!! re-fed both edges and went back out in front and caught a few skimmers. All went quiet for quite a while but held my nerve and kept checking the maggot line for indications which duly appeared as I expected them to show in the last hour. This turned out to be the case and I won the section and second overall for the match. In the last hour I caught 7 carp and could not get the rig in fast enough. However I never had any indications to the left over the ground bait line. Result!!! 50lb in the last hour I really had to hold my nerve. The 2 other guys on same points as me caught just 27lb and 7lb. So I ended up winning the section second overall on the lake with 73lb12oz. And there by winning the Festival.



BAIT USED - all dynamite


Monday - 2 kg marine halibut and green stim ground bait and natural sweet corn, krill flavoured dead maggots (2.5pints)


Tuesday - 2kg marine halibut and green stim ground bait and natural sweet corn, krill flavoured dead maggots (3 pints), 1 tin hemp


Thursday - 1 kg marine halibut and green stim and 1.5 pints dead maggot


Friday - 1 kg ground bait same as above, 2.5 pints maggots down the edge





.2 AND .3 edge floats 018 Shimano Aspire silk shock line straight through to a size 16 barbless carp feeder hook for both maggot and sweet corn out in front rig. 4 -14 and 4- 16 speedy float .18 main line in 014 hook length, size 16 8 0 8 hook, maggot or corn hook bait


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